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Founded by René and Pasquale Caputo in 1978, Caputo Cheese has been crafting award-winning, fresh Italian cheeses for more than forty years. Raised in the family business, President Natale Caputo is now at the helm of the business first established by his parents. While the recipes that Pasquale brought over when he emigrated from Puglia continue to be the foundation of our fresh cheese line, Nat is continuously researching new products, and packaging to fit the cheese needs of our customers. 

In 2018, Natale Caputo, set on a mission to make a cheese with a little bit more; a cheese that didn't only taste good, but did good. Based on his own positive experiences with CBD, he started infusing CBD into our fresh mozzarella. After rigorous lab tests (and many pizza demos), Nat put his stamp of approval on the cheese and began working to make CBD Mozzarella available to the cheese-loving public.

We can't tell you that our mozzarella will cure what ails you, but we are of the mind that a little cheese every day is a very good thing. Our CBD Mozzarella comes in small balls, (Bocconcini), sliced mozzarella (Fettine), and Ovoline size. 

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